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My Background

In 2009, I was asked by Psychology Today to write about dogs for their Website. For the next four years, I wrote more than 100 science-based articles about canine behavior and learning, working alongside other experts such as Marc Bekoff and Stanley Coren, getting nearly half-a-million views. I found that there is a better way to train dogs than exerting dominance over them or reinforcing specific behaviors, one at a time. By building an emotional resonance with your dog, you'll be able to naturally reinforce your dog's behaviors.

Training Dogs in New York City, NY

Natural Dog Training

The relationship between humans and dogs began more than 40,000 years ago when our ancestors and our dog’s ancestors worked together to hunt woolly mammoths. We didn’t dominate our dogs or use positive reinforcements to motivate them back then. Instead, we were partners in the hunt—on the same wavelength and in tune with Mother Nature and one another.

Through my decades of dog training, I have found only one training system that actually enables you and your dog to feel a connection on that deepest level. It is called Natural Dog Training, created by Master Trainer Kevin Behan. Through this training, you and your dog will become part of a team, and obedience will naturally come with this connection.

Using these techniques you'll be able to do things like call your dog while he's running away, and get him turn on a dime and come back to you at full speed. There's nothing like it!

Dog Training in New York City, NY

My Dog Training Journey

Hi! My name is Lee Charles Kelley and I've been training dogs professionally since 1989 when my English Setter Charlie got a steady gig on Late Night with David Letterman as "Charlie the Bubble-Eating Dog."


At first I used dominance but found it was kind of mean, so I switched to "Positive Reinforcement." It wasn't mean, but it wasn't effective either. Finally, I studied "drive training," which is based on playing hunting games, something dogs love. It's also the method most used to train police dogs and search-and-rescue dogs---the best trained dogs on the planet!

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Lee Charles Kelley

THE Most Experienced Dog Trainer IN NEW YORK

EST.            1989


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Training dogs and their people in New York City for over 30 years.

No dominance.

No clickers.

No gimmicks.

Just real dog training.

Dogs Are Family

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