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Are Dogs Telepathic, Part 2

Sigmund Freud and Two Chow Pups Do Dogs Have an Uncanny Ability to Retrieve Our Unconscious Desires? (Originally published in slightly different form on April 21, 2010 at PsychologyToday.com) Dogs as a Freudian Therapists In my most recent blog post here I presented the idea that dogs may be telepathic, that is able to feel at a distance what their owners are feeling. This ability is also present in a very common phenomenon most dog owners are either unaware of or pay no attention to, where a dog has an uncanny ability to find and retrieve some of his or her owner’s unconscious emotional issues. No, I’m not kidding. I originally discussed this idea in my first novel, A Nose for Murder, publi

Are Dogs Telepathic? Part 1

How do some dogs know when their owners are coming home? A Distant Feeling Have you ever answered the phone and said, “I was just thinking about you!” Have you ever had a gut reaction to someone because you felt they had a bad “vibe?” Has anyone you know experienced a sinking sensation that a child of theirs has just been in a terrible accident, which turned out to be true? These are all examples of telepathy, the ability to sense or feel things about friends and loved ones without direct physical contact. One of the biggest mistakes in understanding telepathy is that it involves direct communication of thoughts and ideas, transmitted from one brain to another. There is actually no such thin

Coming When Called at the Dog Run

What are the benefits, if any, of taking your dog to a dog park or dog run? Problems With Taking Your Dog to the Dog Run Years ago I used to love taking dogs to the dog run. I don't anymore. I've seen too many situations where dogs, their owners or dog walkers, were out of control. In one case I saw a dog walker pick up one of the dogs he was with. Apparently he thought she was misbehaving, so he lifted her up in the air then threw her to the ground as hard as he could in what seemed to be a twisted version of the alpha roll. In another case a dog owner wasn't happy with the way two other dogs had interacted with his dog, so he picked up each of the dogs and deposited them inside a fence aro

How to Cure Jumping Up

Military Dog Jumps Up During Training Does your dog jump up on you when you come home? Does he do the same thing when friends visit? Have you been telling him “Down!” or “Off!” with little or no results? Social Attraction There’s an easy fix, but first you should know that when a dog jumps up he’s usually expressing a positive emotional state called “social attraction.” This is not something you’d want to quash or squelch in your dog. In fact, you actually want to nurture your dog's social attraction because it's what makes your dog want to come when called and walk nicely on the leash. These emotions comprise one of the basic keys to Natural Dog Training. It might be helpful to know that wh


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