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Why Your Dog Should Be Considered When Buying a New Home

(Photo via Pixabay) House-hunters have a typical list of criteria which must be considered when scouring potential properties. Obviously, price, yard space, and the house itself are primary considerations. In addition, more forward-thinking considerations such as the school district’s quality, demographics of a given neighborhood, and kid-friendliness must also be weighed. For dog lovers, they must also consider what their dog is going to think of the new abode. While human concerns will likely be foremost, choosing a home and/or property that is not dog-friendly will likely result in ample regret soon after moving in. For conscientious owners, particularly those who do not have plans for ch

Free Play vs. Rote Learning

Are We Putting too Much Pressure on Puppies to Learn Obedience too Soon? “I have spent the past few years puzzling over why dog training is no longer working that well. Today there is much more management and less reliability...” — Dr. Ian Dunbar. Oddly enough, the reason for this downward trend in the effectiveness of dog training may be due to one of Dr. Dunbar’s own pet projects: getting as many puppies enrolled into obedience classes as early and as young as possible. In his book, Before and After Getting Your Puppy, Dunbar writes, “From the first day you get your puppy, the clock is ticking ... everything

The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness

Holding a Mirror Up to Science and Nature: Can Dogs Pass the "Mirror Test?" Throwing Water on His Enthusiasm When “The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness” was made on July 12th last year, I refrained from making any critical comments in deference to Marc Bekoff, my (then) colleague at PsychologyToday.com. I didn’t want to throw any water on his enthusiasm by writing a more realistic assessment (such as the one found here). What is the declaration? You can read the entire document here: (it’s only 2 pages long). Or read the actual declaration below: “The absence of a neo-cortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states. Convergent evidence indicates t

4 Ways to Establish a Deeper Emotional Connection With Your Dog

Observe, Wonder, Feel & Be One evening, many years ago I was at a high school basketball court on the East Side of Manhattan with two dogs: my Dalmatian Freddie and a client’s Jack Russell terrier named Mack. (Someone in the neighborhood was on the city council, owned a dog, and had pulled some strings to allow us to exercise our dogs there in the evenings.) The dogs were all playing nicely. Everyone was having fun. Then a light rain started, some kids began lighting some firecrackers, and Mack, who didn’t like loud noises, and hated getting wet, decided to go home. He was about 30 yards away from me when he wiggled through a small gap in the chain link fence and escaped to 68th Street. I we


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