Are Dogs Fetching the Latest Breakthroughs in Science?

Originally published in slightly different form on August 6, 2010 at

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

Have you ever answered the phone and said, “I was just thinking about you!” Have you ever had a gut reaction to someone because of their bad “vibe?” Has anyone you know experienced a sinking sensation that a child of theirs has just been in a terrible accident, which tu...

December 25, 2017

...& the Fear of Fireworks

Excerpted from an article written for DogsNaturally Magazine.

Tension & Release

Fear of thunderstorms can be debilitating for some dogs. I’ve discovered a unique solution to this problem that I’d like to share with you. And, oddly enough, I learned it from a Sheltie named Duncan.

First of all, it’s important to understand that fear of any kind manifests in one of three ways: fight, flight, or freeze. I use a model of learning called N...

(Photo via Pixabay)

House-hunters have a typical list of criteria which must be considered when scouring potential properties. Obviously, price, yard space, and the house itself are primary considerations. In addition, more forward-thinking considerations such as the school district’s quality, demographics of a given neighborhood, and kid-friendliness must also be weighed.

For dog lovers, they must also consider what their dog is going to think of the new abo...

August 11, 2017

Are We Putting too Much Pressure on Puppies to Learn Obedience too Soon?

“I have spent the past few years puzzling over why dog training is no longer working that well. Today there is much more management and less reliability...”                                                                                   — Dr. Ian Dunbar....

August 8, 2017

 Observe, Wonder, Feel & Be

One evening, many years ago I was at a high school basketball court on the East Side of Manhattan with two dogs: my Dalmatian Freddie and a client’s Jack Russell terrier named Mack. (Someone in the neighborhood was on the city council, owned a dog, and had pulled some strings to allow us to exercise our dogs there in the evenings.)

The dogs were all playing nicely. Everyone was having fun. Then a light rain started, some kids began...

June 23, 2017

What are the benefits, if any, of taking your dog to a dog park or dog run?

Problems With Taking Your Dog to the Dog Run

Years ago I used to love taking dogs to the dog run. I don't anymore. I've seen too many situations where dogs, their owners or dog walkers, were out of control.

In one case I saw a dog walker pick up one of the dogs he was with. Apparently he thought she was misbehaving, so he lifted her up in the air then threw her to the ground as hard a...

Military Dog Jumps Up During Training

Does your dog jump up on you when you come home? Does he do the same thing when friends visit? Have you been telling him “Down!” or “Off!” with little or no results?

There’s an easy fix, but first you should know that when a dog jumps up he’s usually expressing a positive emotional state called “social attraction.” This is not something you’d want to quash or squelch in your dog. In fact, you actually want to nurture you...

Myth: When a Dog Goes Through the Door First It Means He “Thinks He’s Alpha”

"It's the UPS Guy!"

If your dog gets overly excited when you come home or when guests or the UPS guy comes over—barking, jumping up, spinning around in crazy circles, even accidentally urinating—what is the best way to solve the problem?

Simple. Teach her that every time you or someone else comes through the door, her job is to grab a toy and bring it to them so that person can throw...

March 31, 2017

What It Is? What Causes It? How Do You Cure It?

First, What Is Resource Guarding?

The behavior commonly known as “resource guarding” is where a dog growls, snaps or bites whenever a human being, another dog, or sometimes another animal (like the family cat) gets too close to something the dog has strong feelings of attraction for. Common objects-of-attraction are food, bones, toys, human attention, and sleeping spots.

However, since a “resource” is a general c...

February 2, 2017

Is Humping a Sign of Dominance or a Symptom of Frustration?

(Originally published in different form at on July 22, 2011.)

The simplest way to stop a dog from humping is to redirect the energy behind this undesirable behavior into biting a toy or bone or other acceptable object. If that tidbit of information isn't enough to satisfy your curiosity, read on. I'll explain things in more detail!

In a 2011 article at Dr. Stanl...

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