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Relationship-Based Training!

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The Best Dog Training in New York City

Puppy Development

Puppy classes are a great idea in theory, but they can actually cause learning deficits and, in some cases, serious behavioral problems. You don’t need to “over socialize” your puppy with other dogs to help them become more comfortable and at ease with others. As long as you set the proper standard, your pup will grow up to be a confident, happy, and well-socialized canine citizen.


To ensure your pup receives the proper training to grow up to be a well-behaved dog, I offer low-cost dog training through a private, 3-session, in-home package and will teach you all you need to know about training your puppy, so you can raise a perfectly behaved and happy dog.

Puppy Development in New York City, NY
Natural Dog Training in New York City, NY

Teaching the Owner

I come to your home or meet with you in a local park, and teach you how to train your dog, using training games like tug and fetch, to teach each command.


These exercises were created with two goals: to make your dog instantly and happily obey any and all commands under all conditions, and to be totally free from all behavioral problems.


  • 1 Session  - $70

  • 3 Sessions - $210


I also offer discounts for students and teachers.

Training the Dog

Instead of teaching you how to train your dog, I'll work with the pooch on a regular basis until he or she is fully trained or until his or her behavioral problems are fully resolved.


There is no set time limit. My fee is only slightly more than what you’d expect to pay a dog walker.


I offer free telephone consultations.

English setter looking at a tennis ball.

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“I hope one day to react to something with as much pure ecstasy as I see in my dog Chuck's face every time I throw the ball.”
             ― Merrill Markoe

"There is little doubt that a love for mankind has become

instinctive in the dog."

― Charles Darwin

Dog Trainer in New York City, NY

Treating Behavioral Problems

Dogs exhibit behavior problems for many reasons. Some are mistreated as puppies, some are abandoned or neglected by their owners. But no matter the reason, the underlying cause is always deep inner stress. Yet most dog training systems aren't specifically designed to help dogs release their deep inner stress, causing these problems to persist.


If your dog is exhibiting any of these behaviors, call or email me for a free, 20-minute telephone consultation.

Other Services


I offer a comprehensive, one-on-one course on all aspects of dog training. You will study directly with me.

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